I set up my first design agency in 2003 and since then have worked with local start ups through to global brands covering branding, printed marketing material, photoshoots, website design & build, exhibition design, films and creating apps. Clients have been in the UK, America and the Middle East. It has been an amazing journey filled with many lessons and inspiring people.


After 15 years of designing, managing a digital department, being on photoshoots and using imagery daily, I decided to pursue my passion for photography and combine it with my main hobbies of running, cycling, triathlon, golf and just generally the big outdoors. I am registered with the British Institute of Professional Photography and i am a fully qualified sports photographer.


PH Balance takes all the lessons learned in business over the last 15 years and combines this experience with all the best craftsman and suppliers to deliver your project. As project can vary significantly in size and skillset requirements, PH Balance builds bespoke teams of collaborator so that you get the right person at the right time to give you the most value with no wasted budget.


A bit about me…

I’m a bit of a workaholic (my wife would agree) and come from a family where pretty much everyone is or has been self employed so was brought up with the mentality to get your head down and work hard. I love learning about businesses and what makes them tick. I like seeing how far you can push yourself so enjoy taking part in (not racing!) long distance triathlons and ultra running. I also love a bit of golf, mountain biking and surfing although I’d say these hobbies are very much a work in progress.